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Civil news: immigration and mental health work forms updated

We have amended the instructions for completing the financial eligibility sections on 2 of our controlled work forms.

These forms were originally published as new versions on 3 August and updated on 14 August.

Which forms are affected?

They are:

CW2: Controlled Legal Representation (IMM)

CW1&2: Legal Help and Controlled Legal Representation – Mental Health

What does this mean for providers?

We would like you to download the updated forms and use those going forwards. You should also discard any forms downloaded before 10am on 14 August 2023.

What are the form changes?

The corrections in the updates published on 14 August concern the instructions for under 18s within the financial eligibility section of both forms.

These instructions now refer to completion of the case details and merits criteria section, as well as the client declaration.

The previous versions published on 3 August only referred to the client declaration.

Why is this important?

The updated instructions follow the:

  • removal of means testing for under 18s applying for controlled legal representation
  • introduction of the ‘light touch’ legal help means test for under 18s

Will the previous forms be processed?

We would like you to download the current forms. But we are still accepting the versions published on 3 August.

Providers should complete the case details and merits section, as appropriate, for under 18s before making payment submissions.

Further information

Controlled work forms – to view updated CW2(IMM) and CW1&2 MH forms

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