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Damian Lillard’s Estranged Wife Kay’La Demands Sole Custody of Kids


damian lillard wife sole custody kids divorce
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Oct. 11 2023, Published 8:04 p.m. ET

Damian Lillard‘s estranged wife is coming out swinging in their divorce war. has obtained Kay’La Lillard‘s response to the NBA star’s divorce filing and can reveal she is demanding sole custody of all three of their children.

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“It is in the children’s best interests that I be awarded sole custody. I am best positioned to address the ongoing needs of our minor children. I have been responsible for the children’s care since their birth,” her declaration filed on October 6 read.

Kay’La appeared to take a shot at Damian’s skills as a father, too.

damian lillard tried selling wifes home before divorce
Source: @damianlillard/Instagram

The pair share three children – and she wants full custody.

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According to her, the basketball star has “never been the sole parent responsible for the care of all three of our children, for any hours-long period of time without the help of nannies, assistants, and/or family members.”

Kay’La also addressed his recent move to Wisconsin. As this outlet reported, Damian filed for divorce on October 2, shortly after their second wedding anniversary — and days after he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks.

damian lillard files for divorce kayla living separately
Source: @damianlillard/Instagram

She said she’s been supporting Damian’s “family-man image” to the public.

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“Father has recently relocated to Wisconsin to play for the Milwaukee Bucks,” she informed the court, adding his team’s upcoming schedule to show proof he’s too busy to handle sole custody of his children.

Admitting she wants the kids “to have a healthy relationship with their father,” Damian’s ex said he has an image to protect that she’s continued to play along with.

“I understand he is busy and has many commitments he must attend to. I also understand that the brand ‘Damian Lillard’ needs to continue with an image of a family-man. Despite our separation for several months, I have continued to support that image to the public,” the documents stated.

She also stated their separation date as October 2022.


Damian Lillard

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damian lillard tried selling wifes home before divorce

The two have a prenup in place.

Kay’La said they “were able to work out a temporary parenting time schedule in August and September 2023,” however, “there were issues with parenting time during both months” and “there is no current parenting plan.”

She wants to work out a custody plan with Damian but asks the court to step in if necessary.

“With Father’s relocation to Wisconsin, and my relocation, a parenting plan will need to take into account travel for the children,” she warned.

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She’s also asking Damian to pay her attorney fees if their issues “require a contested court appearance.” told you — a prenup is already in place.

In his divorce documents obtained by this outlet, Damian revealed they signed the ironclad agreement just days before they walked down the aisle in September 2021.

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damian lillard files for divorce kayla living separately
Source: @houstonlillard/Instagram

Damian and Kay’La made it official with a September 2021 wedding.

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Damian and Kay’La’s love story started when they were students at Weber State. The pair had been dodging breakup rumors for months after fans noticed her absence from his NBA games and on his social media. He fueled the flames when he failed to acknowledge their anniversary last month.

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