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Dianne Feinstein Forgot The Role Of VP Kamala Harris In The Senate

The 89-year-old California Democrat’s declining health and rumors of dementia have left several colleagues worried about whether she can serve her senatorial duties.

Two staffers had to help the elderly Senator to her chair on the Senate floor as she was met with a round of applause, but as she began to speak, she struggled to read from a piece of paper handed to her by one of her own aids seated behind her.

“I ask to be recorded as voting in person on the three nominees considered earlier, Mr. Chairman, and I vote aye now,” she told the floor.

The same aid had to kneel beside the Senator in between the votes as she whispered into her ear. This has become a typical scene since Feinstein’s return to Capitol Hill after taking several weeks off medical leave to deal with her shingles diagnosis.

To protect Feinstein and ensure she is never alone, the Capitol Police and the Senate Sargeant-at-arms have personally gone to great lengths to keep her away from photographers and reporters.

The press has been asked to keep a respectful distance from the senator while staff members try to shield her from the public.

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