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Commenters Slam Diddy’s Apology Video

Users flocked to social media to blast Diddy for his sudden apology after denying all of the allegations of physical and sexual abuse against him for months.

“Diddy can keep that weak a– apology. cause a few days ago it was ‘time tells truth,'” someone wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “to be that old and gross and nowhere near wanting to be a better person, is an actual L.”

Another said, “Diddy is full of s—. When Cassie filed that lawsuit, the FIRST thing he said was she’s lying and I’m innocent. But now the video came out, you want to apologize? Smh f— Diddy.”

“Diddy ‘I hit rock bottom’ nah you hit Cassie and we all seen it,” someone else commented. “Save the b——- for the people who’ve enabled you all these years.”

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