Meghan Markle Will ‘Walk Away’ From Prince Harry, Royal Expert Says

Angela Levin, who has extensively researched and written about the British royal family, cited various reasons for her prediction. She pointed out that the couple’s departure from their royal duties and subsequent move to the United States have caused significant strain on their marriage.

The couple decided to step back from their royal roles in January 2020, which many saw as a major turning point in their relationship.

“I think the marriage is very nearly finished, and it will be … she will sort of walk away.”

Levin told Sky News Australia host Paul Murray that Meghan is never there for Harry when he needs her the most. She pointed towards Meghan not being there with him to promote his book, Spare, and leaving him to attend the Royal Coronation as examples of “abandoning” him.

“It’s very interesting because initially, she held one hand with one of her hands, and her other hand would be holding his arm so that he couldn’t move more than a few inches away from her. And she was really there hanging on to him,” she told the outlet. “But now, she doesn’t go where he goes. They’re just sort of separated.”

“She’s got her new PR person, she goes around in a gold dress, she’s hoping to do her tig again – sort of suggestions on what you should buy or how you should live – and she’s doing all those things while Harry is in the past, is in a very negative state and he’s attacking everybody trying to get people to give him money. In court, accusing them of saying all sorts of things, and it’s very, very sad.”

There has been no official statement from Meghan, Harry, or their representatives regarding Levin’s claims.

Harry and Megan were recently released from their Spotify deal after producing only 12 episodes of their podcast in two and a half years. Their $20 million Netflix deal is also rumored to be on the chopping block.

Spotify exec Bill Simmons recently commented on the royal couple on his own podcast, calling them “f—— grifters!”

Palace sources also told, “Being branded con men or scammers is devastating to Harry and Meghan’s quest for global domination and Hollywood A-list status.

“It puts other companies on notice the Sussexes may not be all they claim!”

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