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Dog The Bounty Hunter Fight With IRS Over $1.6 Million Owed in Unpaid Taxes

In fact, in a 2019 ruling, United States Tax Court Judge Tamara Ashford slammed the now 70-year-old muscle-bound hunk for being cagey about his home address.

The documents showed Dog listed his home address as the Los Angeles offices of the two separate accountants who filed his tax returns — instead of his home in Hawaii. And even in Hawaii, he listed two different addresses, one on Queen Emma Street and the other on Portlock Road.

“At no time during the period between the IRS’ processing of the 2010 return and the mailing of the deficiency notices (tax bill) did either petitioners (Dog) or anyone on their behalf notify the IRS orally or in writing that petitioners wished the IRS to use the Queen Emma Street address or the Portlock Road address to communicate with them,” the judge stated in tossing out his attempt to avoid paying Uncle Sam.

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