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Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden’s Mental Capabilities During Iowa Rally

Looking ahead, both Biden and Trump are the clear favorites to secure their party’s nomination and are expected to face off in a rematch during the general election in November 2024.

Current polling from Real Clear Politics shows that the two candidates are neck and neck, with Trump holding a narrow average lead of 1.6%.

According to a recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll, Trump still held a slight edge over the sitting president in a hypothetical rematch. However, the poll also found 9 percent of respondents were unsure who they would vote for, and another 5 percent said they were not planning to vote.

Those polled were asked if Biden’s age or Trump’s criminal charges were a bigger problem when it came to their fitness for the presidency, and voters were largely split.

About 42 percent said Trump’s criminal charges were a serious issue, while 41 percent said Biden’s age was. Only 8 percent said neither was a problem, and 9 percent said they were not sure.

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