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Donald Trump Rally Abruptly Halted By Protesters In South Carolina

Former President Donald Trump was interrupted at his MAGA rally in South Carolina on Saturday, February 10, by protesters who caused enough disturbance that he stopped talking as police were escorting them out, has learned.

The crowd of Trump supporters attending the event rained down boos and chanted “f— Joe Biden” as the protesters were told to leave the venue.

In a clip from the rally that made the rounds online, the shouts from the protesters disrupting the rally are indistinct and can only be heard briefly before Trump paused his speech.

Soon after the protesters began yelling, the Right Side Broadcasting camera, which was streaming the rally live on Rumble, turned to catch the crowd’s reaction but was unable to zero in on any of the protesters individually who were being removed from what appeared to be more than one section of the audience.

After the “f— Joe Biden” chant died down, Trump told the audience, “Alright, thank you very much. Just a little interlude.”

“You know that used to happen all the time, now it doesn’t happen too much,” Trump continued. “You know, I used to say to people, you go get them. You go get them. And then I got sued. So I said, what the hell? So now I say, please treat them kindly — this way, I don’t get it. Please treat them kindly. They’re lovely people. Go home to mom.”

As Trump picked up from where he left off in his speech, he interrupted himself to make sure the disruption was over.

“But we know that Joe Biden has always been too mentally incompetent — Is he gone?” Trump said. “I think he’s gone. We don’t have that — remember, we used to have it all the time? And I used to get angry with the camera because they never show the crown.”

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Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard was able to capture part of the exit from the building and shared the video on X, formerly known as Twitter.

She shared that one protester shouted so loudly they could hear them across the arena. She also said Trump called for all presidential candidates to take cognitive tests & called Haley “the candidate of globalists & warmongers.”

Several X users commented on Kinnard’s post to share their thoughts on the outburst from the crowd.

One user wrote, “I think these random outbursts are planned and paid for to rile the crowd.”

Another commented, “Trump isn’t even himself anymore. He’s old and tired. He won’t even debate Nikki Haley. He’s all talk. He’s a coward.”

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