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‘Exhausted’ Khloe Kardashian Slammed as ‘Out of Touch’ After Declaring She’s ‘Tired’ Without a Nanny

“So you have no one that lives in right now?” her sister asked, to which Khloe said she did not, “and I’m just so hands-on…I make all of [True’s] lunches, I make her breakfast, I do everything, and I don’t let anyone else do it. Tristan has done it, but I’m so particular.”

Khloe then told the camera in a confessional, “Listen, I love my routine, I love being with my kids, but being a parent is hard, and it’s f—ing, every day after 8:30 when Tru’s asleep, I am like, crawling, like I’m Leonardo Dicaprio, out of Wolf of Wall Street, to my bed like, ‘how do i get there?'”

She seemed to be referring to an infamous scene in the 2013 black comedy, where Leo’s character, Jordan Belfort, takes quaaludes and slogs around in slow motion, eventually crashing his Lamborghini.

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