Foreign Secretary visits Washington DC to reaffirm sustained UK-US support for Ukraine

  • Foreign Secretary travels to Washington today (Monday 8th) for meetings with the administration and Congress on sustaining UK-US support for Ukraine
  • James Cleverly to meet Secretary of State Antony Blinken and leading Democrat and Republican figures in Congress
  • Part of UK efforts to secure long-term, international commitment to Ukraine emerging from the war as a strong, sovereign and free nation

The Foreign Secretary travels to Washington DC today (Monday 8th) for meetings with the Biden Administration and the US Congress, to discuss the US and UK’s long-term commitment to Ukraine.

James Cleverly will stress the importance of a continued, united international front for ensuring a Ukrainian victory.

Beyond Ukraine, the Foreign Secretary will use his meetings to encourage the $1 trillion bilateral investment relationship between the UK and US, which is driving economic growth in both countries. He will stress the need for the UK and US, as likeminded democracies, to make their economies more resilient and protect livelihoods on both sides of the Atlantic in a more geopolitically contested world.

Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, said:

For well over a century the UK and US have been partners of first resort in standing up for freedom and democracy.

Whether it’s standing up for our friends in Ukraine, or promoting transatlantic prosperity through our $1tn investment relationship, the UK-US relationship continues to make life better for our people and the world.

On Tuesday James Cleverly will meet Secretary of State Antony Blinken and on Wednesday he will hold talks with leading Republican and Democrat members of Congress.

The UK’s efforts to push for a Ukrainian victory and boost economic security are supporting the government’s priorities of bringing down the cost of living, by tackling inflation and creating more opportunities for growth.

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