Russia Could Trigger WW3 With ‘Accidental’ Nuclear Launch

A former KGB agent warned that Russia could cause WW3 through an “accidental launch” due to the nation’s “poorly maintained” nuclear arsenal, has learned.

73-year-old former Russian sleeper agent Jack Barsky warned about the risk of a nuclear apocalypse being higher than ever before.

Barsky claimed that the world had come close to “Armageddon” at least three times since the Cold War between Russia and the West. Now, he fears that, due to Russia’s lack of maintenance, an accidental launch could bring us into the end times.

Tensions in Russia have been on the rise in recent weeks as Vladimir Putin’s war with Ukraine continues to escalate.

Early Wednesday morning, May 3, Russia claimed that Ukraine tried to assassinate Mad Vlad with an explosive drone attack on the Kremlin. The alleged attack has led to some Russian officials demanding “retaliation” against the invaded nation.

Other Russian nationalists claimed the US was behind the attack and intended to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia.

Barsky told The Sun that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was his “biggest mistake” but warned experts to temper their expectations about Putin being ousted.

“[Putin] is not suicidal, and all his threats about going nuclear are just bluster meant to intimidate,” Barsky told the outlet.

“However, when tensions are high, the possibility of an accidental launch increases,” he continued. “Also, I am concerned about the condition of the Russian nuclear arsenal, which is quite old and may not have been maintained as well as necessary … We indeed live in very dangerous times.”

The ex-KGB agent said the Soviet Union knew that a single nuke being used against Nato would lead to complete annihilation. However, he claimed that there were several “misunderstandings” and “mistakes” that nearly brought the world to an end through “nuclear destruction.”

Putin’s former Satan-2 hypersonic missile Dmitry Rogozin also issued a chilling warning following the alleged assassination attempt.

In an interview with Russian outlets, Rogozin suggested that the Kremlin unleash its nuclear arsenal on Ukraine in retaliation.

“It must be said that under our doctrine, we have every right to use tactical nuclear weapons,” Rogozin said, armed with an AK-47 machine gun resting over his shoulder.

“That is precisely what they are there for – this great equalizer,” he continued. “For now, there is a clear disparity in the forces and conventional weapons in favor of the enemy.”

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