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Gilgo Beach Murders Suspect Rex Heuermann Participating In Religious Services

While in custody, Heuermann, who was initially placed on suicide watch, is now being carefully monitored round the clock, ensuring his safety as well as the safety of others.

He spends most of his time in a 10-by-6 jail cell, showing little emotion. Weekly mental and medical evaluations are conducted, further shedding light on his mental state.

“The first few days of course, very quiet, laying on his bed, looking at the ceiling,” Toulon said. “But now he’s participating in religious services, he goes to our rehabilitation center to take books out.”

Although Heuermann has no contact with other inmates, aside from his attorney, it has been reported that he has received one visit from a non-family member. Asa Ellerup, his estranged wife, has confirmed that they have spoken on the phone. However, the extent of his communication with others remains undisclosed.

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