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Sherri Papini Is A Narcissist, Says Woman Who Led The Search For Her

Trudy Nickens, a dedicated volunteer who led search efforts for Papini, expressed her shock and disappointment upon discovering the truth behind the well-publicized disappearance.

She recounted how the community rallied together, only to realize that their efforts were based on lies fed by a narcissistic need for attention.

Nickens, the founder of Nor-Cal Alliance For The Missing, condemned Papini’s actions and highlighted the hoax’s detrimental impact on genuine missing persons cases.

“She’s definitely a narcissist in my opinion – 100%,” Nickens told the Sun.

“She’s doing this for the money so she can pay off some of her debts and also definitely to stay in the limelight,” she added. “She wants people to feel sorry for her, which I don’t think is going to happen anymore – but it’ll be an interesting watch.”

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