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Home Secretary Suella Braverman to address government ‘failings’ in conference speech | Politics News

Suella Braverman will use her Conservative conference speech to address “failings” by the party, “particularly on immigration”.

Ms Braverman’s team told Sky News she will be “honest about the failings in recent years, particularly on immigration, but will say that under Rishi the Conservatives are raising their game”.

The source added it will be “Suella uncut” and she will “draw the major dividing lines of the next election as a choice ‘between strong borders or no borders’; between a Conservative government focused on criminal justice or a Labour Party prioritising social justice; and between common sense or woke nonsense.”

The wider content of her speech is under wraps, however.

It comes off the back of her comments in the US last month, where she said “multiculturalism has failed” – drawing criticism from her predecessor Priti Patel.

Rishi Sunak also rebuffed his cabinet colleague’s comments, saying the UK has done “an incredibly good job” of integrating people from different backgrounds.

Both are the children of immigrants, and Mr Sunak is of Indian heritage.

Ms Braverman said multiculturalism “failed because it allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it”.

She suggested it has allowed them to “pursue lives aimed at undermining the stability and threatening the security of our society”.

Ms Braverman has repeatedly spoken out about immigration into the UK – she has previously signalled her discontent with the European Convention on Human Rights and its interpretation and the subsequent impact on policies like the government’s Rwanda deportation scheme.

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Priti Patel makes dig at Suella Braverman

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The party’s conference in Manchester has been overshadowed by differences of opinion among ministers and senior party members.

On Sunday, Michael Gove said he wanted to see tax cuts before the next election, putting him at odds with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt on the issue, while there are disagreements over the future of HS2.

Sky News understands the northern section of the proposed train line will be scrapped.

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