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Ioan Gruffudd Submits Evidence of Ex Alice Evans Allegedly Berating Him Over Canceled TV Show in Front of Their Kid


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Aug. 17 2023, Published 12:30 p.m. ET

Ioan Gruffudd has submitted bombshell transcripts of videos that allegedly show his ex-Alice Evans berating him over his career before their split — and telling him he was never going to “succeed in acting,” has learned.

Gruffudd and Evans have been fighting in court ever since he filed for divorce in 2021 after 13 years of marriage. The split has been extremely contentious — with the actor having to obtain a restraining order against his ex.

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During the battle, Gruffudd accused his ex of harassing his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace online.

The former couple share daughters Ella, 11, and Elsie, 7. He asked the court to award him joint physical custody while Evans demanded primary custody.

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Recently, the actor labeled his ex a “child abuser” and accused him of keeping him from his kids.

“Alice has continued to inflict serious emotional harm on Ella and Elsie by her statements and by interfering in my relationship with them,” he said in court documents obtained by Daily Mail. “Alice has verbally abused and undermined me in front of the girls throughout their lives.”

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“Since January 2021, Alice has also encouraged and instructed them not to see me or communicate with me and she has made thousands of threatening and abusive communications to me and about me,” he said.

“I believe Alice’s actions are child abuse and I am gravely concerned for our children,” he said. Gruffudd demanded the court appoint an expert to evaluate which parent should be awarded custody of the kids.


Ioan Gruffudd

Evans fired back in her own declaration. She said, “I have read and disagree with the declaration of petitioner (Gruffudd) as to allegations that I am inflicting or causing our children ”serious emotional harm. No one has ever contacted me or reported me for such conduct. No professional, nor teacher, nor school administrator, nor counsel, nor therapist.”

Now, in a newly filed document, Gruffudd provided additional evidence to back up his plea that an official be appointed to evaluate custody.

In the motion, he accused Evans of regularly berating him in front of their kids during their marriage. He pointed to a June 2, 2020 incident where Alice allegedly yelled at him in front of their daughter .

He claimed she told him she had been miserable for years and wanted a divorce, attacked his appearance and his career, and threatened to call the cops on him.

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Gruffudd included a transcript of the video taken of Evans scolding him. “You never make any, done anything off your own back you … You can’t even keep a f—— show on the ABC going because, there, you’re too pathetic that they just cancel the show. Hello darling.”

The show Evans was likely referring to was the Australian ABC drama Harrow, in which Gruffudd starred from 2018 until the show was canceled after the third season.

“Sorry what are you talking about,” Gruffudd asked.

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His then-wife responded, “You’re such an a— licker to your Australian producers that you would rather them walk all over you. Listen, hey, Beans, tell Daddy that I’ve got nothing to f—– say, and I will call the police if he doesn’t get off my bed.”

The actor told his wife he was allowed to sit on the bed which led to her telling him, “Get off my bed. Get off.”

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Evans was then heard tell their daughter, “Daddy’s going to have to find another job. A different job.” Gruffudd asked his wife what she meant by that to which she said, “You’re not going to succeed in acting.”

Later, Evans tells her daughter, “Beans, I’ve been saying this for like two years. I’m, everything he does is about him. I never get any, it’s like, time after time after time, I just hear this s— about, and you know I stood up about something with Harvey Weinstein all I got back from him was how that affected him, all I got back. It’s just… Guys don’t be upset. I’ll still see Daddy, I just want somebody who loves me really for who I am and doesn’t worry about my, I want somebody who finds it funny when I do the TSA thing. That’s what I want.”

A hearing has been set for later this month.

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