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IPA 2022-23 Annual Report on Major Projects

The UK has recorded its biggest-ever portfolio of major projects and programmes, delivering on government’s commitment to drive economic growth, innovation and net zero in the years ahead.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has today (20 July) published its IPA Annual Report on Major Projects 2022-23, detailing the 244 projects (up from 235 last year) currently being delivered under the Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP).

Economic and socially-important contribution

The GMPP consists of some of the most challenging, ambitious and innovative projects the UK has ever seen, with the scale and scope matching some of the biggest in the world. This year’s portfolio is worth £805bn, showing the economic and socially-important contribution major projects play to Britain.

Since last year’s report, 29 projects have left the GMPP – 26 with a green or amber delivery confidence assessment. This shows the positive impact our reforms are having on performance over time.

The influx of major projects and programmes highlights the government’s ambition to foster growth in skilled and innovative parts of the UK economy. IPA is also intervening earlier in a higher number of government projects from the very outset, providing critical support and increasing their likelihood of delivering to time and budget.

The investment in our Government Project Delivery Function is also a reflection of our increased portfolio size. By building project expertise, increasing capability and promoting leadership skills, we can transform delivery and increase productivity.

Over 1,000 people have now gone through the Major Projects Leadership Academy and more than 2,000 people have attended the Major Project Leadership Programme. These initiatives build the skills of senior project leaders across government, making it easier to carry out complex projects, effectively.

Senior Responsible Owners, who are vital for the successful delivery of this portfolio, have also increased their time spent delivering their major projects to almost 50%. This commitment is helping us to facilitate the delivery of better project outcomes.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG, Minister of State, Cabinet Office said:

Throughout the remainder of 2023 and beyond, major projects will continue to be a key driver of economic growth, levelling up and innovation for the United Kingdom.

That’s why this year’s Government Major Projects Portfolio is our most ambitious portfolio to date. However, against a backdrop of global economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic and war in Ukraine, we have to do even more with less.

The increased size of our portfolio shows how this government is improving the way we deliver major projects; providing confidence that they will achieve their aims and deliver better public services for the British people.

Nick Smallwood, Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure and Projects Authority said:

The UK now has the largest, most complex and high-profile portfolio of major projects and programmes.

I am therefore pleased to see that IPA’s approach to proactively intervene in and support the GMPP’s highest priority projects, and a commitment to getting them on track right in the early stages, is leading to a steady increase in deliverability.

The continued excellence displayed in the Government Project Delivery Function has helped to mitigate the pressures of the challenging delivery environment we have faced over the last year. We will of course continue to invest in this area by developing the expertise and leadership skills of our people through the Government Project Delivery Academy and suite of tools available to all professionals across government.

A more green and innovative UK

In 2023, major projects will continue to be a key driver of sustainability, levelling up and digital innovation. Government and industry must collectively address these challenges head on to deliver life-changing public services for the greater good of our country.

That is why our major projects are underpinned by the Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) principles, which describes a vision for the future in which we collectively prioritise the societal outcomes we need – driving transformation in infrastructure performance.

From HMP Five Wells to the National Law Enforcement Data Programme, more modern, green and digital measures are now being considered from the outset of a project. Read more about the projects driving this critical change in the IPA Annual Report 2022-23.


  • The Infrastructure and Projects Authority is the centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects. The IPA sits at the heart of government, reporting to the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury.
  • The IPA Annual Report supports the government’s commitment to transparency, improving the delivery of infrastructure and major projects and delivering public services effectively and efficiently. It shows the progress made on projects included in the Government Major Project Portfolio (GMPP).
  • Transparency data across all departments is published with the IPA Annual Report 2022-23.
  • Major projects are an integral part of the Prime Minister’s overall ambition to reduce national debt, halve inflation and grow the economy.
  • UK infrastructure continues to be not just a priority, but a driver of economic growth, levelling up and innovation.
  • From railways, roads, schools, hospitals and housing, to energy, telecommunications, defence, IT and major transformation programmes, we are delivering public services that are fit for purpose and our modern world.

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