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Jennifer Lopez Branded ‘Desperate’ for ‘Clinging’ to Ben Affleck Relationship

Jennifer Lopez was recently branded as “desperate” for “clinging” to her relationship with Ben Affleck even as rumors swirl regarding the couple’s imminent split, has learned.

In the latest development to come as Lopez and Affleck’s marriage was rumored to be slowly deteriorating, sources suggested that the 54-year-old actress and singer was “desperate” to make the marriage work – particularly as her career slowed down to a standstill.

According to The New York Post’s Cindy Adams, Lopez was “desperate” and “clinging” to her marriage to Affleck to “save herself from embarrassment.”

“She’s now desperate to pretend temp Affleck is still happy with her,” Adams opined on Monday. “Why? Because it’s embarrassing.”

“Slowing professionally because 20-year-old newbies are cropping up, she’s now producing her own projects,” Adams added regarding Lopez’s struggling music and film career.

Meanwhile, Affleck was recently spotted attending his daughter’s graduation party in Los Angeles without Lopez anywhere to be seen.

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