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Joint statement from the International Coordination and Response Group for the victims of Flight PS752 – October 2023

Canada, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, members of the Coordination Group for the victims of Flight PS752, today issued the following readout:

The Coordination Group takes seriously its commitment to the peaceful resolution of disputes. Since 2020, the Group has made multiple attempts to resolve this matter through negotiations, and in September 2023 Iran finally agreed to meet with all members of the Group for discussions.

Accordingly, representatives from the four members of the Coordination Group met with Iranian officials this week to discuss the Islamic Republic of Iran’s state responsibility for the downing of Flight PS752.

The Group’s focus has always been on Iran’s responsibility for its violations of international law and its obligation to make full reparation for the injury caused by the downing. For the group, full reparation means more than financial compensation.

It has not been possible to make meaningful progress. Iran continues to disregard our claims. Based on the discussions, which took place this week, the Group considers that our respective positions are too far apart to be reconciled through negotiations.

For as long as Iran refuses to take full legal responsibility, the Coordination Group will continue to pursue action to resolve this dispute in accordance with international law, including at the International Court of Justice. The families of the victims of Flight PS752 rightfully deserve transparency, justice and accountability for the tragic loss of their loved ones and for the suffering they continue to endure, and the Coordination Group remains committed to this pursuit.

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