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Josh Duggar To Launch Fresh Appeal On Child Pornography Verdict As He Continues To Serve 12-Year Prison Sentence

During the appeal hearing, Josh’s lawyer also mentioned his employee, Caleb Williams, and claimed that Williams could have committed the crime.

Gelfand stated, “Caleb Williams worked at Wholesale Motorcars, which is the scene of the alleged crime. He regularly used the only computer, the HP computer, for purposes that had nothing to do with Wholesale Motorcars or Josh Duggar. He texted Mr. Duggar on May 7, approximately a week before the alleged crime, offering to go watch the lot the following week. He took a photo of Mr. Duggar in the office where the alleged crime occurred, showing Mr. Duggar used a Macbook, not the HP computer.”

However, the prosecution responded, “There was abundant evidence Mr. Williams was not present in Arkansas on that date. He was outside Arkansas between May 11 and May 16.”

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