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Kardashians Accused of Using ‘Bots’ like ‘Botox’ to Boost Online Following

The Kardashian family’s reign over social media appears to be crumbling despite their wild popularity, according to analysts.

The reality TV royals are reportedly taking a hit online, and experts suggest it could be due to their use of manipulation tactics like “Botox for their bodies and bots for their brands,” has learned.

Kim, the leader of the pack, capitalized on her massive following when she launched Skims and SKKN, while Khloe cofounded Good American and Kylie Jenner kick-started several brands including Kylie Cosmetics, Khy, and Kylie Baby. “Momager” Kris Jenner also got in on the action, starting up her homeware brand, Safely.

Yet despite their successes, a recent analysis by The U.S. Sun and Phalanx Analytics found shockingly low interaction rates on many of these brands’ social media accounts. Their report found that pages with more than 1 million followers should see engagement from 1 to 5% of their following. But Skims and SKKN had rates of just 0.09% and 0.05%, while Good American had a mere 0.02%.

While Kylie’s Khy clothing line had a shining 15% engagement rate, her Kylie Baby brand floundered at just 0.18%. Her mom’s Safely business was also struggling with a rate of just 0.08%.

Experts like social media consultant Matt Navarra suspect bot accounts could be partly to blame for the low numbers.

“At a surface level, it does seem that the accounts highlighted have disproportionately low engagement for the number of followers they have,” Navarra, who has worked with the BBC, ITV, Meta, and Google, mused. “But there could be a number of factors at play here — fake followers or a high proportion of spam/bot accounts could be one of them.”

“As to whether they have paid for them would be pure guesswork without further investigation,” he noted, “It may also simply be that the brand appeal and content from these accounts is not as strong as it once was, and rival brands are doing a much better job at engaging with their audiences and customers.”

Coralee Trigger, an Emmy-winning content creator who worked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Team Coco Presents: Conan O’Brien, also suggested the Kardashians might be using bots to boost their numbers.

“It’s a safe bet that the Kardashians use Botox for their bodies and bots for their brands,” she said, “Believing the Kardashian brands on social media have grown without any help from bots is like believing the Kardashians look the way they do without any help from Botox.”

“When celebrities say they’ve never had Botox, what they often mean is, ‘I’ve had work done, but it’s not the brand Botox,'” Trigger continued, “The same applies when denying using bots to inflate their social media following.”

“If I were a betting person, I’d say the Kardashians use bots for their brand just like they use Botox for their bodies,” Trigger insisted.

“Even though these practices are technically against most social media platform’s terms of use, and I never recommend them to clients, you might be surprised by how many of your favorite brands have employed shady methods to grow large followings.”

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