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Bedridden Vet Battling Over Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Home Turns 84

The bedridden elderly vet locked in a legal battle over the $15 million home Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom allegedly swiped out from under him turned 84 years old over the weekend — just weeks before his trial date on September 27, can reveal.

Sources told this outlet that Carl Westcott‘s family — including his daughter-in-law, Real Housewives of Dallas alum Kameron Westcott — was there by his bedside to celebrate his special day.

Kameron shared the festivities, posing with her children and aging father-in-law. As this outlet reported, Carl has Huntington’s disease and cannot attend the upcoming trial due to being mentally incapacitated.

“Happy Birthday to our Captain,” she captured the loving family shots. “So special celebrating your day with you. We love you so much!!”

As reported, the RHOD‘s father-in-law — who is the founder of 1-800-Flowers — is gearing up for trial over the 2020 sale of his Santa Barbara mansion, purchased by the I Kissed a Girl singer and her Lord of The Rings fiancé in 2020. According to Carl, he was tricked into selling his property when he was on painkillers while recovering from a six-hour back surgery.

He said that after the pain medications wore off, he changed his mind — but when he approached Perry and Bloom’s real estate agent about the mistake, he received a letter from their attorney revealing they were “not willing to walk away” and he was “obligated to complete the sale;” despite Carl only buying the mansion two months before. broke the story — the A-list couple sent the veteran a letter, pulling the baby card and expressing their desire to grow their family in the mega-mansion.

“We are writing this letter to you to express our appreciation with regard to your agreement to sell your property to us and to communicate our joy at being able to call it our home,” the letter obtained by this outlet read. “As you know we are expecting a baby next month and know that this will be the best place to bring her home to and raise her in.”

The entrepreneur is going after Perry and Bloom’s business agent, Bernie Gudvi, who denied any allegations of wrongdoing.

“The family is under immense stress with this case and their concern for the declining health of their father, Carl. Especially as the trial date has been pushed back to September 27th,” the Westcotts told in an exclusive statement. They also accused Perry and Bloom of “not showing any compassion or empathy as they continue to speak through a third party.”

Carl isn’t the only one in a legal feud involving the Dark Horse singer.

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