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Kelly Clarkson Tries Hypnosis to Help Singer Get ‘Past Her Divorce’: Sources

Clarkson decided to call her upcoming LP Chemistry, detailing how she felt a connection like never before with Blackstock before their relationship took a turn.

“You can have amazing chemistry with somebody who you really shouldn’t be with, you know. Not that one person is good or bad, whatever. It’s just not a healthy environment,” she told Nancy O’Dell on TalkShopLive.

“I just feel like chemistry is a beautiful and amazing thing, but it’s powerful for the good and the bad. Makes you do stupid stuff,” Clarkson admitted.

Clarkson said the process was very cathartic for her post-split, confessing, “I wasn’t thinking at all. I was just crying, like a lot. That’s really what was happening.”

Chemistry will hit shelves on June 23.

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