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Kevin Costner Accuses Estranged Wife of ‘Pandering’ to Media With ‘Eviction’ Accusations

A raging Kevin Costner viciously blasted his estranged wife for allegedly trashing him and “pandering” to the media by claiming in court he wants to evict their three children from his prized $145 million compound, has exclusively learned.

The scathing accusation was revealed in a recent court filing by the Dances With Wolves actor in a last-minute declaration seeking to evict Christine Costner from his California homestead since she slapped him with divorce papers in May.

Christine, 49, has agreed to leave the home as long as Kevin pays his yet-to-be-to-determined child support, which will be decided at a hearing this month. The Hollywood star said he doesn’t want to wait that long.

Christine has demanded $248k a month in child support while Kevin believes he should pay around $38k per month.

Since the two split, Christine has repeatedly accused the Yellowstone hunk of trying to kick their three kids, ages 16, 14, and 13 into the street — but Costner took off the gloves and slammed his wife of 18 years for engaging in an alleged public relations campaign to tarnish his good-guy rep.

“I find very offensive her attorneys’ false, oft-repeated, and deliberately inflammatory claims that I am seeking to ‘kick my children’ out of their home,” the fuming actor wrote in a June 30 declaration exclusively obtained by “This is Christine pandering to the press.”

“This was the sound bite from her prior papers filed with the Court that all of the media outlets and social media platforms picked up and ran with in many published articles,” he added in the blistering five-page declaration. “Our children are teenagers, and they see these reports in the media. I have never, ever said our children have to move out of their home – and they do not. They will be living with both of us, moving between our respective residences.”

As previously reported, the Oscar-winning actor and director is steaming mad Christine has refused to abide by the premarital agreement (PMA) – even after he pumped $1 million into her bank account to help her find nearby housing suitable for her and the children.

Christine argued the $38k a month child support prescribed in the PMA is barely enough to live in the swanky beachfront town of Carpinteria where the kids have lived all their lives. Christina has agreed to move out in late August – or 50 days after a Santa Barbara County judge sets an appropriate child support payment plan.

She even suggested the feuding couple cohabitate in the massive compound during the court proceedings.

But in court documents the furious movie star wants Christine to vacate the home “no later than July 13, 2023,” according to the motion filed by his pit-bull attorney Laura Wasser, who also didn’t mince words.

“Christine wanted this divorce,” Wasser stated in court documents. “She knew about the provision in the PMA requiring her to vacate — she just chose to ignore it. She can and should honor the agreement she made as a condition of marrying Kevin and leave his residence.”

“She can and should have done so by now. Christine now says she will move out in August. If so, there is nothing stopping her from moving out by July 13.”

As exclusively reported, the Hidden Figures tried to reconcile with Christine in April as their lawyers tried to negotiate a peaceful solution before the divorce papers were filed.

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