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Kevin Costner ‘Embarrassed’ His 7-figure Per Month Income Was Exposed in $400 Million Divorce War: Sources

Kevin Costner has become infuriated that his finances were revealed as part of his estranged wife Christine’s demand for child support— and sources revealed he’s ready for war in the battle over his $400 million fortune, has learned.

As we first reported, last week, Christine was ordered to vacate Kevin’s $145 million estate by the end of the month. She had been attempting to stay in the home until the end of August as long as Kevin paid any court-ordered support.

In documents filed before the judge ruled, Christine’s lawyer wrote, “Christine understands that at some point in the future, she and the children will have to move out of the family home. She cannot do so at this early stage of the case because she does not have sufficient funding to secure housing that will ensure the children can maintain similar standards of living in the parties’ respective homes. Kevin has repeatedly ignored and attempted to deflect from the fact that fulfilling the children’s needs and maintaining their standard of living are paramount concerns within this issue.”

Kevin opposed the move claiming he didn’t want to live with his ex and needed the property to work on his film Horizon, which is currently in post-production.

As part of the battle, both parties were forced to hand over financial records. Kevin’s documents revealed he pulled in an average of $2 million per month in 2022.

At the moment, the two are still battling over how much child support Kevin will pay per month. Christine has demanded $278k per month from Kevin. She argued the amount is needed to allow their kids to live the same lifestyle while with each parent.

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