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Kevin Costner’s Wife Files for Divorce Amid ‘Yellowstone’ Drama

They’ve begun to flood his social media posts, begging the star for answers.

“As a longtime fan.. please help give Yellowstone fans a resolution to Season 5.. plz. The rumor mill is throwing you under the bus by and large which isn’t fair. Have been a fan of yours for 30+ years. Please do what you can to bring Yellowstone to a conclusion if that’s the intention,” one person wrote on a recent post.

“Listen kevin! All ur fans want to know is……are u going to be a part of Yellowstone or not? It’s getting ridiculous w/ all the rumors! Yellowstone has the following it does…..because of u!!!! Do everyone a favor & just be honest! Get on w/ the season or be done. It’s getting irritating!” shared another frustrated follower.

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