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King’s Birthday Party celebration in Guatemala City

The event was held at iconic Club Guatemala in the historic city downtown.  Government officials, civil society, businesspeople, journalists, and many other Embassy’s contacts gathered to mark this year celebration for the King.

The British Ambassador to Guatemala, Nick Whittingham, welcomed each of the guests at his last major event in country, while he prepares to leave post for another diplomatic appointment by the end of September this year.

Ambassador Whittingham stressed that the ties between Guatemala and the UK have grown stronger and specially since last year’s events that triggered people from many sectors and the international community coming together to defend democracy and the rule of law.

The Ambassador praised Guatemalan people’s resilience and reiterated the UK’s willingness to continue working with the Guatemalan Government on many shared priorities including economic prosperity, human rights advocacy, and tackling climate change and corruption.

On the environment, which is a topic close to the King’s heart, the Ambassador highlighted many projects the British Government is taking forward in Guatemala, including in Peten and the Mayan Jungle, to protect biodiversity, reduce poverty and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Finally, Ambassador Whittingham thanked all participants for their contributions to build a better Guatemala and a better world and stressed that despite ongoing global challenges, the unity of people who share fundamental principles and a strong vision will shape a better future for all.

The event closed with a taste of British music and food.

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