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Kyle Richards’ Estranged Husband Mauricio Umansky Accused Of Failing to Turn Over Texts in Court War Over $32 Million Mansion Sale

“This motion is prompted by the fact that over the last several years, Umansky has stated he has no responsive Messages after July 2016,” Hakim’s renowned attorney Alan D. Hearty stated in recent court documents obtained by

“However, his cohort, Mauricio Oberfeld made a recent production that contains Messages with Umansky after July 2016,” he added. “Indeed, dozens of other Messages that Umansky withheld from production for three years and finally produced last October helped to establish a prima facie finding by the Court that he… had defrauded the seller and United States government.”

What’s more, Hakim’s lawyer claims Oberfeld admitted to deleting the incriminating text messages “so at least some of them cannot be obtained from another party.”

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