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MTG ‘Disgusted’ Christie Compared Ramaswamy to Obama During GOP Debate

According to Greene, she was not only “disgusted” by Christie’s attack against Ramaswamy but she also thought the remark was “pretty racist.”

“I was pretty disgusted at Chris Christie and his racist comment towards Vivek Ramaswamy, where he was like ‘the only skinny guy’ – what did he say?” the MAGA congresswoman charged during an appearance on the Right Side Broadcasting Network shortly after the debate.

“He was comparing him to Obama,” she continued. “Yeah, I mean I honestly thought that was pretty racist.”

According to Mediaite, Greene was referring to an incident that took place during the debate when Ramaswamy repeated a joke Obama used in 2004.

“Who the heck is this skinny guy with a funny last name?” Ramaswamy joked on the Milwaukee debate stage on Wednesday night. “What the heck is he doing in the middle of this debate stage?”

Ramaswamy was reportedly echoing a similar joke made by Obama in 2004 when the then-aspiring Illinois senator referred to himself as “a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too.”

Christie mocked Ramaswamy for echoing Obama and called the 38-year-old GOP primary hopeful an “amateur.”

“I’ve had enough already tonight of a guy who sounds like ChatGPT standing up here, and the last person in one of these debates, Bret, who stood in the middle of the stage and said, ‘What’s a skinny guy with an odd last name doing up here?’ was Barack Obama,” Christie said.

“And I’m afraid we are dealing with the same type of amateur standing on the stage tonight,” the former New Jersey governor added.

As previously reported, Christie’s attack against Ramaswamy on Wednesday night – and Greene’s subsequent response – was not the only drama that unfolded shortly after the first GOP debate came to an end.

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