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Megyn Kelly Slams ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ After Controversial ‘Top Surgery’ Look

“This is the most disgusting, misogynistic, hateful thing I have ever seen and it was on Paramount+ and normalized and praised,” the journalist said on The Megyn Kelly Show while joined by Emily Jashinsky, D.C. correspondent for Unherd, and Eliana Johnson, who serves as editor in chief of The Washington Free Beacon.

“Way to glamorize violence against women,” Kelly continued, revealing she was deeply upset by what she witnessed on the show. “The chopping off of female body parts. Gottmik, you’re disgusting. RuPaul, your entire show is filthy and you owe all of womankind an apology.”

“That is the gnarliest thing I’ve ever had to see on television, Paramount+. Do you believe this s—?” Kelly asked. “It’s like celebration of mutilation and self harm… You got to see chopped up boobs being swung around, and a panel of men dressed as women say, ‘Gorgeous! Right on!'”

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