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Joe Scarborough Condemns Trump for Derailing Border and Immigration Deal

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough condemned Donald Trump after the ex-president allegedly derailed a bipartisan deal that would help resolve the immigration issues at the southern border, can report.

The Morning Joe host’s scathing remarks against Trump came on Friday morning shortly after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the “politics have changed” regarding a border deal between congressional Republicans and Democrats.

The ex-president expressed fear that a border deal would be a “gift” to the Democrats and would likely help President Joe Biden amid Biden’s ongoing 2024 White House re-election campaign.

“A Border Deal now would be another Gift to the Radical Left Democrats,” Trump wrote. “They need it politically, but don’t care about our Border.”

“What is currently being worked on in the Senate will be meaningless in terms of Border Security and Closure,” he continued. “Four years ago we had the Safest and Most Secure Border in the History of our Country, and now we have the WORST, probably anywhere in the World.”

“In any event, if you want to have a really Secure Border, your ONLY HOPE is to vote for TRUMP2024!”

“You’ve got Donald Trump saying: Let fentanyl flood across the border and kill Americans over the next year; let illegal immigrants keep flooding over the border; let’s not have a solution!” Scarborough fumed.

“Yeah, no,” he added. “It’s just crazy!”

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“Mitch McConnell, I thought that was shameful what was reported,” Newsom told MSNBC on Thursday night. “Just completely rolling over and capitulating.”

“Don’t even get me started with the weakness of the current speaker of the House,” he continued. “I mean, they don’t want a deal. Period.”

Newsom later called the GOP a “disgrace” and “pathetically weak.”

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