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Blogger Fights Nicki Minaj’s Lawsuit Over Drug Accusations, ‘Vile’ Comments About Her Children

The blogger who accused Nicki Minaj of abusing drugs has demanded the rapper’s lawsuit be thrown out of court, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Marley Greene aka “Nosey Heaux” has denied all allegations of wrongdoing in the case accusing her of defamation.

Last year, Minaj sued Green for allegedly spreading lies about her using drugs and making “vile” comments about her son. The rapper took issue with the woman “falsely and maliciously” claiming Minaj is a “cokehead” who is “shoving all this c—– up her nose.”

In addition, the woman trashed the rapper’s husband and his criminal past. She suggested Nicki enroll her child in therapy because, “Your baby is going to be a rapist, too.”

Petty was convicted of attempted rape in the ‘90s. He was originally charged with first-degree rape but reached a plea deal that lowered it to attempted rape. He has denied the allegations.

In Minaj’s lawsuit, she called the blogger a “nobody.”

Her lawsuit read, “In just the day following Green’s September 12, 2022 publication of her lie that [Minaj] is a “cokehead” on her Twitter page, almost 2,000 people had “liked” it. More importantly, more than 260 people had retweeted it, which led to a firestorm of social media attention which was undoubtedly caused by multiple levels of subsequent retweets. While social media is an extraordinarily effective vehicle for spreading lies, it does not confer a license to do so.”

Minaj demanded unspecified compensatory damages plus punitive damages.

In her newly filed response, obtained by, the blogger argued that, “The complained-of-acts of these answering Defendants were justified and privileged under the circumstances, including but not limited to truth, fair comment and opinion.”

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