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Piers Morgan Tells Jesse Watters ‘Guns Do Kill People’ in Heated Debate Over Gun Control

The British conservative host then asked, “Why don’t you just have a red flag system all over the country?” as he noted, “You have 400 million-plus guns in circulation, a million new guns are sold every month in America.”

“This problem’s gonna get worse, not better. And at some point, as your friend, you know, the great ally, I simply say you’ve got to do something more to stop this,” Morgan continued. “You can’t keep having the Groundhog Day of these people with these semiautomatic rifles going into civilian areas and gunning people to pieces. Can you?”

While an empathetic Morgan attempted to offer a reasonable solution, Watters quipped back, “As your friend, respectfully. We have these guns because of you,” presumably referring to the American Revolution, which took place over 300 years ago — and at a time when AR-15s, the gun most commonly used in mass shootings, did not exist.

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