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At a glance it may look like a crowded market, but we think there’s an important gap in podcast world.

Yes there are already plenty of political podcasts. Some of which have hosts that consider themselves big names.

But they all tend to look backwards – endless hot takes on whatever has just happened to deliver commentary on what you already knew.

Our aim is to do something different.

We want just 30 minutes at the start of your week, and in that time Jack Blanchard, UK editor of Politico – the man who launched Playbook London – and I will tell you everything we think you’ll need to know about the coming seven days in politics with each new episode dropping at 6.30pm on a Sunday night.

We’re going to scour the diaries, watch the big interviews, read the stories, message the advisors and speak to sources, so that you can enjoy the weekend. We’re going to put in the work so you’re ahead of everyone else.

Combined Jack and I have almost 35 years of political journalism experience to try to work out where the debate is going, but also to give the most incisive commentary having spoken to all sides.

Our hope is that if you listen you’ll be armed with everything you need to know.

We know we’re making a rod for our own backs by getting into the predictions business. And we will miss things and not everything will be correct. That’s why we’ll mark our own homework each week and admit what we got wrong and why. Nothing wrong with a little self-flagellation when you need it.

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Happily, it’s an idea our bosses – both at Sky and at Politico – felt was exciting enough that they’ve decided to do something very rare – and this podcast is an official collaboration between our two companies. This is a genuine joint venture, with each side bringing different things to the party – and Jack and I bringing you the best insights from the teams we work with, and the podcast is aimed squarely both sets of audiences.

In those 30 minutes we’ll give you the top moments of the weekend, discuss three big topics coming up in the next week – perhaps with the help of an expert guest for one. Finally we’ll rattle through the diary, pouring in all the incidental tips and information we’ve collected.

And because we’re recording this on a Sunday we’ve refused to go into the office and will be recording it at home. Each week either Jack will come to my house, or I’ll go to his. That way we hope we can deliver for a brand new audience – and our families will still be talking to us at the end of it.

We hope you can join us and enjoy it as much as we will.

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