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Biden Makes Awkward Joke About Eva Longoria During WH Screening of New Film

President Joe Biden made an awkward joke about Eva Longoria and knowing her a “long time” during a White House screening of her newest film this week, has learned.

The uncomfortable incident took place on Thursday as Longoria, 48, visited the White House to screen her new film and directorial debut, Flamin’ Hot.

But after the 80-year-old president strolled onto the South Lawn while holding hands with both Longoria and First Lady Jill Biden, the blunder-prone commander-in-chief confused audience members with the joke about knowing the actress a “long time.”

“She was 17, I was 40,” Biden quipped to the mostly unresponsive crowd, according to Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Longoria received a better response when she took to the South Lawn podium to discuss Flamin’ Hot and purported Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inventor Richard Montañez.

Longoria also praised President Biden on Thursday night and revealed that she has worked with Biden for “many, many years.”

“And it has always been a great joy,” the actress said regarding her work with the president. “We share so much. He’s been a champion for working people in search of the American dream.”

“The man who’s been fighting for us all, fighting for Latinos, fighting for Americans, fighting for workers, and most importantly – fighting for democracy,” Longoria continued. “A man who understands and embodies the values of family, community, and perseverance.”

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