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Four Indictments Will ‘Explode’ And ‘All Fall Apart’

The Trump son started the episode by accusing Joe Biden’s administration of targeting his father with indictments, claiming that the charges against the former President have made him even stronger.

Julie nodded throughout Eric’s comments regarding the legal woes the New York businessman turned GOP leader faces, adding, “No matter what they’re going to try to do to your dad, it will not go the way they want it. It will not go the way they want it because God’s on his side, and he’s called him his David.”

“I’ve had so many different prophetic words regarding your father. I’ve cried because I knew the love that God has for him, the love that God has for your family, and I could just feel it,” Julie told Eric. “He’s not going to forsake you, and he’s not going to let this continue.”

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