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Queen Camilla Plays Coy With Brigitte Macron At D-Day War Dead Memorial

“British ‘protocol’ loses precedence at the border. Camilla is a guest in another country,” someone wrote on X.

“Well put,” another replied. “When in France, do as the French do. I bet Camilla would have responded more positively if Brigitte Macron had offered her a Gauloise (French cigarette).” Queen Camilla was a long-term smoker for many years.

A third person stated: “That fact that Camilla couldn’t stand there for two seconds in honor tells more than breaking protocol. I’m surprised that she would want to touch the cold, heartless, manipulating Camilla.”

At the event, Brigitte attempted to hold the royal’s hand following the wreath-laying ceremony at the British Normandy Memorial. Despite this gesture, Queen Camilla did not respond in kind and kept her arm by her side. Brigitte, after a brief touch, stepped aside and folded her arms in front of her. Subsequently, the two women stood in silence for a moment before reuniting with their spouses, King Charles III and President Emmanuel Macron.

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