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Rapid Flood Guidance trial for England and Wales: sign up now

A new Rapid Flood Guidance trial service

On 14 May 2024 the Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) will launch a trial Rapid Flood Guidance (RFG) service.  The trial will run until 30 September 2024.  

The Rapid Flood Guidance service:

FFC Hydrometeorology Services Manager Clare Miller said:

I’m really excited to see the Rapid Flood Guidance operational trial go live in May and the support it will provide to our responder community in planning and mitigating surface water flood risk. I encourage all our users to sign up and provide feedback on the new service.

Sign up now through your Flood Guidance Statement account.

Meeting a need for improved forecasting and guidance

The Rapid Flood Guidance service aims to support the responder community be better prepared to mitigate the impacts from rapid flooding.

This reflects the increasing risk due to rapid flooding from extreme rainfall events.

3.2 million properties and transport, utility, health and educational infrastructure are estimated to be at risk of surface water flooding in England.

The risk from surface water flooding was recently upgraded in the National Risk Register 2023. The impact score was increased to significant, on par with the risk of river and coastal flooding. This now makes it one of the highest environmental risks faced across England.

Scope of the Rapid Flood Guidance service

The Rapid Flood Guidance service provides a new:

  • advisory badge on the front page of the FGS for days when there is a heightened risk of rapid flooding

  • Rapid Flood Guidance product that will be issued on heightened risk days

The Rapid Flood Guidance product will be updated during the day when new information on development of weather features that could result in rapid flooding become available.  

The Rapid Flood Guidance product does not give:

  • information about specific rivers or local features

  • guidance on what actions to take

  • information to the public

The Rapid Flood Guidance trial does not:

  • alter any of the existing responsibilities for managing surface water flooding
  • change the way the Environment Agency responds to surface water flooding incidents

Signing up for the Rapid Flood Guidance service

By signing up for the trial, you will receive the RFG product:

Signing up will ensure that you will receive:

The Rapid Flood Guidance can also be accessed (without email or text notifications) through the Met Office’s Hazard Manager.

Providing your views on future development

The development of the Rapid Flood Guidance service has been informed by extensive user research. This will continue during the trial period through:

  • a link to share feedback with the FFC

  • user interviews after rapid flood events

  • a survey and user interviews at the end of the trial – assessing satisfaction, comprehension, usefulness, usability, and value

By signing up to the trial we may invite you to provide feedback (on a voluntary basis) which will be used to:

Finding out more

You can find out more about the service and details of the Rapid Flood Guidance product:

Part of a wider investment in improved forecasting

The Rapid Flood Guidance trial service is part of the Surface Water Flood Forecasting Improvement Project (SWFFIP) which is:

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