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Lakers Star Christian Wood’s Explosive Witness List Revealed in Restraining Order Battle With Ex

Lakers star Christian Wood and his ex Yasmin Lopez will face off in court this week at a hearing that promises to expose the sordid details of their bitter restraining order battle. obtained lists of the witnesses and evidence that will be presented to a judge on Thursday, offering a sneak peek at how each side will present their cases in the former couple’s latest legal skirmish.

The court documents revealed that both Wood and and Lopez plan to testify at the hearing about “domestic violence instances” as well as issues surrounding “custody and visitation.”

Wood was awarded sole custody of the former couple’s 11-month old child, Kobe, as well as a 3-year restraining order against his son’s mother based on allegations that she spiraled out of control after their December 2022 breakup. Lopez, however, claimed she didn’t receive proper notice of the hearing that resulted in the rulings against her, and challenged the decision. She also alleged that Wood was given the restraining order under “false claims.”

The NBA player accused Lopez of trespassing at one of his California homes by climbing a fence in February of this year, and alleged that she scratched the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz, leading to her arrest. He also accused his ex of breaking into his Encino residence in August of last year, and spray-painting his Lamborghini in January 2023 when he was still on the Dallas Mavericks.

Among those listed as Wood’s witnesses are a Beverly Hills police officer, who will testify about the February incident, a representative from a Ritz Carlton hotel who will testify about the January 2023 incident, and a “Supervising Monitor” who will discuss “supervised visitation.”

Lopez was granted three hours of weekly supervised visitation with her son as part of the court’s custody ruling.

Wood also said the evidence he planned to present included videos allegedly showing police removing Lopez from his Encino home, a video of Lopez “slandering” Wood to their child, and an Instagram live in which his ex supposedly acknowledged the trespass and vandalism allegations. Among Wood’s listed evidence were photos of his Beverly Hills home, and photos of his Lamborghini and Mercedes.

Lopez has accused the NBA star of abuse, writing in a statement to the court that “Christian has a history of being violent and flying into a rage.”

She cited an incident on May 2, writing to the court, “I was simply laying in bed with our son trying to get him to go to sleep when Christian … flew into a rage, violently grabbed me, and pulled me off the bed by my feet and thighs and dragged me across the floor to the front door. I was confused and terrified.”

Listed among the exhibits she plans to present to the court are photos that purportedly show “Wood asleep,” “Wood and Kobe on bed,” and the “injuries” she claimed to have suffered from the May 2 “attack by Wood.” She also listed text messages she allegedly received from her ex “with threats” on May 20 as evidence.

In a May 21 declaration, however, Wood’s lawyer accused Lopez of submitting “fabricated text messages” to the court.

Per Lopez’s witness list, two officers with the Los Angeles Police Department will testify about an “attempted break into [her] home,” and a Beverly Hills officer will be questioned about the “domestic violence incident and bruising” on Lopez.

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