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Steven Crowder Sent D— Pics and Exchanged Drugs in Workplace, Ex-staffers Claim

Influential conservative commentator Steven Crowder‘s shamelessness knew no bounds, claimed former staffers who accused the right-wing podcast star of sending unsolicited photos of his genitals and exchanging drugs in the workplace. has learned that five former employees and one source close to Crowder came forward with the explosive claims, opting to keep their identities under wraps due to fear of retaliation.

Crowder has long proven to be a controversial figure who speaks his mind with adoring supporters and stern critics — either way, he’s been bringing in the views.

Following repeated suspensions on YouTube, Louder With Crowder switched gears to Rumble, where the show’s audience has dwindled in comparison to the numbers brought in by the global online video-sharing platform.

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The sources told Mediaite that amid a shrinking viewership, there are also some tensions behind-the-scenes, as first reported by The New York Post. Some said Crowder’s inappropriate conduct made them uncomfortable.

In addition to receiving unwanted sexual text messages, one alleged that Crowder made a habit of exposing himself to other male staffers, a shocking allegation two other sources doubled down on.

“In the moment we dismissed it as sort of frat boy humor. In hindsight, it’s super creepy and felt groomer-ish,” one ex-staffer alleged.

“It always felt like childish behavior in the moment that then felt predatory in hindsight,” he explained. “[Crowder] was always testing people’s comfort levels with that kind of behavior. Because he was the boss though and he had no accountability, it just continued to happen. There was no one trusted to complain to.”

Crowder would only expose himself in front of other men, alleged the staffer, who said the podcaster would brush it off as no big deal.

​​”It usually happened when he was in a really good, sort of manic mood,” they explained. “It would just happen, and everyone would either throw out a fake uncomfortable laugh or show clear disgust which Steven interpreted as his reward for what he did.”

A former staffer also shockingly claimed the right-wing firebrand would “offer and ask for” prescription drugs like Klonopin as well as cannabis gummies and opiates like Percocet, another claim the outlet substantiated following the review of alleged text messages.

The bombshell allegations come months after a shocking Ring video was released showing Crowder berating his wife, Hilary, who was pregnant with their twins at the time. The exes, meanwhile, have been locked in a contentious divorce since 2021.

“We’ve often debated this. It’s like any abusive relationship. When it’s good it can be really fun,” the source who allegedly received NSFW photos from Crowder said. “Most people enjoy the work itself. When it’s bad it’s really bad, but over time most become so numb to it they don’t see how messed up the place is until they get out.”

These days, it’s still “like walking on eggshells most of the time” for one insider, who claimed employees are overworked and underpaid. has reached out to Rumble for comment.

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