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Alexei Navalny’s Body Found With Bruises Raising Suspicions of Foul Play

As reported by Novaya Gazeta Europe, a paramedic found bruises on Navalny’s body. The body is currently under police guard at a morgue in the Salekhard district clinical hospital, pending further investigation.

“Usually, the bodies of people who die in prison are taken straight to the Bureau of Forensic Medicine on Glazkova Street, but in this case, it was taken to the clinical hospital for some reason,” the anonymous paramedic told the outlet.

“As an experienced paramedic, I can say that the injuries described by those who saw them appeared to be from convulsions,” they continued. “If a person is convulsing and others try to hold him down but the convulsions are very strong, then bruising appears. They also said he had a bruise on his chest — the kind that comes from indirect cardiac massage.”

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