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Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast: Yes to trees, not tree-huggers | Rachel Reeves and Victoria Atkins | Politics News

She could be the most powerful woman in Britain if the election goes her way.

Joining Sophy Ridge on the podcast is the shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves, who explains more about her vision for Britain, and why she’s not a big fan of Just Stop Oil.

For the government, financial secretary to the Treasury, Victoria Atkins, defends the prime minister’s aim of halving inflation, and answers Sophy’s questions about a mural for child asylum seekers that was painted over by the Home Office because it was deemed too welcoming.

Joined by Sky’s political correspondent Liz Bates, and show editor Scott Beasley, Sophy analyses those interviews and sets up the upcoming week in politics.

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Producer: David Chipakupaku
Editor: Paul Stanworth

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