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Special Needs Teacher Fired After School District Discovers Her OnlyFans

A special needs teaching assistant in British Columbia, Canada, has been fired after it was discovered that she had an OnlyFans account and refused to deactivate it, has learned.

Kristin MacDonald, who worked as a special needs teaching assistant, received an email on April 28 from the school district advising her to shut down all accounts related to her online persona, “Ava James,” which she used to engage in side businesses and activities, including her OnlyFans account.

MacDonald, who earned her degree after two years of college and still has student loans to pay off, only earned $1,000 every two weeks after deductions as a teaching assistant.

The school district terminated MacDonald on June 16. The district referred to her conduct as “egregious” and listed several reasons for her dismissal. These include allegations of posting material that sexualized the school environment and that she disparaged the district in media interviews.

The district also accused MacDonald of capitalizing on the links between her job and “side hustle” to make more money.

In an interview with Fox News, MacDonald argued that the guidelines in the district’s collective agreement, which mentions “appropriate” off-duty conduct, are open to individual interpretation.

She believes that in this day and age, individuals should be allowed to do what they want as long as it is not illegal. MacDonald insists that her OnlyFans account does not harm anyone.

She also raises concerns about the school’s investigation methods, which she believes may violate OnlyFans’ rules.

MacDonald told the outlet, “I’ve gotten emailed screenshots from my OnlyFans account that my school district sent out to myself, the union and HR, that only paid subscribers have access to, meaning I have proof that the school used taxpayers’ money to subscribe to my OnlyFans.”

The former special needs teaching assistant argued that, while on duty, she was fully committed to her job and never received any complaints about her interactions with students.

“At this point, I’d like the ability to go back to working for a school district,” MacDonald said, hoping to resolve the matter soon.

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