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Steven Crowder Enters ‘Damage Control Mode’ Over Toxic Workplace Scandal

Far-right podcast host Steven Crowder called an emergency staff meeting to warn his employees against leaking details about what goes on in the studio off-camera, has learned.

The alleged meeting followed a report that accused Crowder, 36, of harboring a toxic work environment at the podcast’s Texas-based offices.

The allegations were the latest scandal to plague the Louder with Crowder host after leaked video footage taken from his home’s security cameras went viral. Crowder was accused of being verbally and financially abusive towards his then-wife Hillary, who was 8 months pregnant with twins at the time.

Crowder’s all-hands meeting followed last week’s report from Mediaite, which detailed claims of inappropriate behavior by the 36-year-old from four previous employees and one unnamed source, who wished to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation.

One ex-staffer told the outlet that while he worked for Crowder, the podcast host sent him unsolicited sexually graphic text messages and explicit photos of himself, both of which were reviewed by the outlet.

Two additional sources echoed the claim and alleged Crowder was known to expose himself to male employees at random.

Following the bombshell allegations of Crowder’s “super creepy” behavior, the podcaster went into crisis mode.

The outlet reported on Thursday that four ex-staffers received messages from current Louder with Crowder employees informing them that their boss prohibited them from contacting or associating with their ex-coworkers.

The message followed an internal meeting that Crowder allegedly held to the bottom of the leak.

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“The company is clearly in damage control mode,” one former employee said of Crowder’s show.

“What’s bizarre is that Louder with Crowder employees are a bit like a family. Even after people leave, they still remain friends and hang out together. But after the [Mediaite article] was published I noticed several current employees quit returning my texts and left group chats.”

The ex-staffer continued that one former coworker “outright told me they could no longer associate with me or else they would be fired.”

“I could tell they were scared,” the insider noted.

Ironically, Crowder responded to the negative press by doubling down on the precise behavior that led to the leak. Despite the apparent pattern of behavior, the former employee said Crowder’s latest actions were more extreme than ever.

“This kind of thing has happened in the past, just not at this level,” the insider continued. “After an employee was fired, people on the team were told they could no longer associate with that person. So when someone leaves and we’re told we can’t be around them it feels very cult-like.”

The source’s remarks echoed another ex-employee’s take.

“It’s nothing personal but we can’t communicate with any ex-employees right now. This is on threat of firing, and comes from the top. Hopefully it won’t always be this way,” read another message sent to an different former employee.

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