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Stormy Daniels Mocks Donald Trump at Sold-out Stand-up Comedy Show

Stormy Daniels launched her stand-up comedy career with material about “tiny” Donald Trump and her testimony at his hush money trial, has learned.

The former adult film star performed Stormy Daniels’ One-Night Stand to a sold-out crowd at the AllWays Lounge & Cabaret in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Wednesday, June 19.

Daniels took the stage to a standing ovation from the packed audience — and immediately started her show with a zinger aimed at Trump and his loyal MAGA supporters.

In a video clip from her stand-up gig, Daniels noted how “f—– up” it was that many considered New Orleans one of the most dangerous cities in the country, joking, “But for me, it’s the first time I’ve been outside without a bulletproof vest in three months.”

The line was a direct reference to her lawyer revealing in an interview with CNN that Daniels wore a bulletproof vest on her way to testify at Trump’s trial in New York City.

Daniels wasn’t done touching on her shocking testimony about her 2006 fling with the ex-president after her opening bit. She repeatedly referred to Trump as “tiny” while she mocked him for falling asleep during his trial in the stand-up video obtained by TMZ.

“Well, at least he didn’t fall asleep during my testimony,” Daniels snickered.

While talking politics, the former adult film star admitted that despite her history with Trump, she’s still a Republican, just “not socially though.”

Daniels added that “not voting for Biden equals a vote for Trump.”

Daniels also touched on money woes and the hundreds of thousands of dollars a judge ordered her to pay Trump following a defamation lawsuit, which she claims her lawyer filed without her consent.

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As reported, the Manhattan jury unanimously found Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. Daniels’ testimony proved to be a turning point in the trial and provided vital insight into the case.

After selling out the back-to-back comedy shows in New Orleans, Daniels trolled Trump supporters on social media, who were outraged at her comedy bit.

“New Orleans doesn’t want you! Your name should be Sloppy Daniels. Take that pay off money and get a few cosmetic surgeries….you need it!” wrote one angry X user.

Daniels clapped back, “Weird…two sold out shows, line around the block and two standing locations say differently.”

In another post, which claimed she had “two sold out shows because of Trump,” Daniels quipped, “And if it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t be a convicted felon.”

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