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Strategic Command leads chemical sensing equipment project

Our Armed Forces will be better protected on the front line with the development of next generation chemical detection capabilities. These advanced chemical sensors will detect and protect UK forces against toxic chemical threats in multiple forms, including vapours and aerosols.

This project has been developed by Strategic Command’s Capability Directorate, in partnership with the British Army and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).

The development of this capability has followed the approach outlined in the Defence and Security Industrial Strategy (DSIS) of 2021, which set out the UK’s ambitious plan to re-energise our defence and security sectors, while working with industry in a more integrated way.

Project team leaders from Smiths Industries and the MOD

UK company Smiths Detection has been awarded a contract worth £88 million to deliver three advanced chemical sensor products to be in the hands of our Armed Forces by 2028:

  1. Wearable personal chemical agent sensor – offering real-time monitoring of nearby threats.
  2. Survey chemical agent sensor – a mobile tool for inspecting hazardous zones or surfaces.
  3. Remote monitoring chemical sensor – a sophisticated sensor for use in fixed locations.

This equipment is designed to be continually updated and upgraded, ensuring relentless protection for UK forces.

The contract awarded to Smiths Detection will not only support jobs in Hemel Hempstead, but also support the wider Defence ecosystem through their championing of UK-based suppliers.

Strategic Command plays a vital role delivering for the whole of Defence, and ensuring our Armed Forces are ready to tackle modern threats.

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