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Taylor Swift Allegedly ‘Weaponizing Her Fans’ To Target Billie Eilish

A source close to Eilish exclusively told the Daily Mail, “Industry insiders aren’t blind to the fact that Taylor is weaponizing her fans and that Billie appears to be the latest victim in that campaign.”

“Whenever Taylor feels jealous of a peer’s success, she does all she can to make sure her fans start vicious online campaigns to bring that person down without ever telling them to stop,” they continued. “And all while operating under the guise of being America’s sweetheart.”

The tension escalated following the release of both artists’ new albums, with Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department maintaining the No.1 position on Billboard’s album rankings since its launch.

Nonetheless, critics have raised concerns about Swift’s strategy, suggesting that the continuous release of variant and extended editions could be influencing sales and streaming figures.

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