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The Haitian people face a dire humanitarian, security and political crisis: UK statement at the Security Council

Thank you to SRSG Salvador, Ambassador Biang, Ms Gilles and Prime Minister Holness for their briefings.

I also welcome the participation of Foreign Minister Geneus, Foreign Minister Álvarez and the representative of Barbados at this meeting.

As we’ve heard today, the people of Haiti are facing a dire humanitarian, security and political crisis. Gangs have taken over entire neighbourhoods.

There is killing, burning, kidnapping and severe restriction of movement.

We hear chilling accounts of the widespread use of sexual violence – including collective rape – by armed gangs as a weapon to instil fear into communities.

Nearly half the population are in need of humanitarian assistance.

We need to look seriously at what this Council can do to address the cycle of violence.

The UK recognises the Haitian Government’s calls for urgent international security assistance.

Today’s meeting is an important part of our discussion on the way forward, following the recent visit of the Secretary-General.

In addition to addressing the security crisis, the people of Haiti need political stability.

We welcome the recent CARICOM-hosted stakeholder meeting held in Jamaica.

We hope this regional support will encourage ongoing domestic efforts.

We call on all actors to engage constructively to prepare for the holding of inclusive, free and fair legislative and presidential elections, as soon as the local security situation permits.

To complement regional and national actions, we should ensure BINUH has the right capabilities to deliver on its mandate.

SRSG Salvador and her team are doing vital work in incredibly difficult circumstances.

We look forward to concluding our discussions on BINUH’s mandate renewal in the coming days.

The United Kingdom will continue to support the efforts of the Government of Haiti and the international community to address this pressing crisis.

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