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‘The ICC is important to deliver justice for Libya’: UK at UN

Thank you, President.

I would like to first thank the Prosecutor, Karim Khan, for his powerful briefing today and for his 25th report on the situation in Libya. The United Kingdom gives its full support to the Prosecutor’s ongoing investigations in line with resolution 1970 of this Council, and I welcome both the briefing and the report as a demonstration of his transparency. We also welcome the participation of the Representative of Libya in this meeting.

President, we are pleased to hear of the accelerated pace of the ICC’s investigation and progress in the delivery of the new strategy outlined in the Prosecutor’s 23rd Report to this council. We note the concrete outcomes of the investigation, including the issuance of new arrest warrants by the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber during the reporting period. These are important steps for delivering justice for the Libyan people.

We are grateful to the Office of the Prosecutor for the renewed effort, and those who supported it for the renewed efforts in this period. We thank the Government of National Unity in Libya for facilitating the first official visit of an ICC Prosecutor to Libya in over ten years. For the continued successful delivery of the investigation, it is critical that further support is given to the investigation by the GNU and all other relevant Libyan authorities, including through the provision of documentation.

President, we welcome the increased engagement with witnesses and survivors, and the collection of testimonial evidence. I thank the UN Independent Fact-Finding Mission for sharing their expertise and enhancing the Prosecutor’s work to record the experiences of Libyan people. Following the ending of the Fact-Finding Mission, I ask UNSMIL and OHCHR to continue this co-operation to help document and safeguard evidence of serious crimes.

This is a moment of opportunity in Libya. Transitional justice is vital to long-term security and stability and it should be embedded in the political process. The ICC is an important tool to deliver justice for Libya, through transparent and fair investigation. I urge all parties to work together to safeguard human rights and ensure that justice can be delivered when crimes occur, including through cooperation with the ICC and surrender of individuals subject to arrest warrants.

In conclusion, President, the UK remains committed to working with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Libyan authorities to build on this momentum and accelerate progress towards justice. And let me underline our full support to the work of the ICC in its pursuit of justice for victims of the most egregious crimes wherever they may occur.

Thank you.

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