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The UK calls on South Sudan’s leaders to deliver the free and fair elections the South Sudanese people deserve: UK statement at the UN Security Council

Thank you President.  Thank you also to SRSG Haysom, ASG Msuya and Ms Juan for their briefings today.

This September marks five years since the South Sudanese parties came together to sign the Peace Agreement.

The United Kingdom welcomes the progress achieved since then, and that disputes are now largely resolved through political dialogue, not conflict.

But we remain concerned that progress is too slow and too limited.  The past five years have been characterised by missed deadlines and multiple extensions.

So, we call on South Sudan’s leaders to demonstrate the political will to deliver the free and fair elections that the South Sudanese people deserve.

President, the United Kingdom welcomes the recent establishment of an Election Security Committee and the presentation of the National Elections Act to Parliament.

But as highlighted by SRSG Haysom, in addition to adopting the necessary legislation and reconstituting the relevant electoral bodies, there are fundamental decisions and logistical preparations that require urgent attention.

We call on the South Sudanese authorities to create the necessary political and civic space to allow for free and credible elections.

President, as the horrifying violence continues across the border in Sudan, over 260,000 people have now been registered arriving into South Sudan.  This comes on top of what were already unprecedented levels of humanitarian need in South Sudan.

The United Kingdom commends the Government of South Sudan’s provision of transportation and the UN system and humanitarian partners in their response to the crisis.

We urge the South Sudanese government to create a more enabling environment for humanitarian action, and commit itself to longer-term, more durable solutions that address the increasing humanitarian need.

In closing, at this important time in South Sudan’s history we urge  South Sudan’s leadership to deliver on the outstanding tasks to make democratic elections a reality.

Thank you.

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