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The UK is deeply concerned about the ongoing disruption to aid delivery through the Lachin corridor: UK statement at the Security Council

Thank you, President, and thank you Ms Worsornu for the helpful update. I also welcome the participation by Armenian Foreign Minister Mirzoyan and the representatives of Azerbaijan, Turkey and the European Union at this meeting.

The United Kingdom remains deeply concerned at the ongoing disruptions to the Lachin corridor, which threatens the supply of life-saving medication, health care, and other essential goods and services – resulting in humanitarian consequences for the local population.

It is therefore crucial that the ICJ order of February 2023 is respected to ensure unimpeded movement along the Lachin corridor in both directions.

We strongly urge parties to allow the ICRC access along all available routes – including via the Lachin corridor – for the organisation to be able to undertake its vital work. All parties must refrain from the politicisation of humanitarian aid in order to meet the needs of the civilian population.

We warmly welcome the ongoing, internationally-mediated negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan toward a historic peace agreement, hosted most recently by European Council President Michel last month. We also welcome the efforts of the United States in this regard, with high-level engagement from Secretary Blinken.

We urge all parties to redouble their efforts in these talks towards a lasting settlement. It is only diplomacy, in the spirit of the UN Charter, that will bring both sides closer to peace.

Thank you.

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